Monday, February 8, 2010

Its Time

It is that time once again my Purple Champions, time to gird up our loins to take the field of battle. While it may seem like it is still winter on the calendar, it is already time to start developing our normal dominating spring mentality. The League Meetings are a mere 2 weeks away, so I need to get a head count of who will be joining me for our title defense this spring.
Here are some things I already know:

1: Compensated does not want to play in the same league as us.
2: Some of Incented does not want to play in the same league as us.

Despite those two teams being the only two team to put a blemish on our otherwise masterful spring/fall records last year (albeit one game was in the mud and the other we had an issue with 93 outfield erros...not that I'm still bitter), we have apparently accomplished our goal of tearing down their softball Universe. This means that we will likely be playing against the likes of Tee Time, Quality Oil, Carlyle and Grady's Pub and other big softball names this year.

Here are the initial invitees to this spring roster:

Jessica Hendrix
Shannon Craft
Heather Haneline Miller
Erin Haneline
Ashley Perdue
Amanda Redding
AnnaManda Holland

The Gazzelle
Bryan Timmons
Wes By Gosh Frikin Miller
Scott Goose Walkush

The league fee is $330.00. Using the Herd Calculator, that would come out to be about $24.00 per person with a 14 person roster. I would technically need to receive payment (if possible) BEFORE Friday, February 26, 2010. As always, Herd Management will take care of providing amazing softballs and practice fields.

Now for the schedule of events:
League meeting: March 2 (3 weeks away)
First Practice: March 4 (3 weeks away)
First Game: April 8 (8ish weeks away)

Now for the sad news...I will be out of town on April 8, 2010 visiting my home state of New York. Once the roster has been confirmed, I will be reaching out to one of you mighty souls to take over the "coaching" duties for that day. I will also need minute by minute Facebook, Twitter and SMS Text Message updates before, during and after the game.

Thank you for your continued support of Herd Athletics,